Once again the African National Congress has managed to dupe the citizens of South Africa that they are changing their ways. Two weeks into his Presidency Cyril Ramaphosa is proving to be just another puppet in an uncompromising political party who are out for self-enrichment no matter what the cost.

The initial euphoria with Ramaphosa’s appointment as President has vanished as have so many hopes of so many South African. Some of us were skeptical from the beginning, and it hasn’t taken for this skepticism to have become reality.

A man who came along with promises of ridding the country of all the corruption which has held the country within its grips for so long has proved by the selection of his ‘new’ cabinet that he is merely the mouthpiece of a corrupt regime. (I use the word regime as this is part of the ANC rhetoric and has been since the beginning of its existence. The appointment of so many of the new cabinet ministers makes us feel cheated. Dlamini-Zuma was part of the corrupt Zuma government, yet she is retained in the new cabinet so that the voters in Kwazulu Natal can be appeased, and those of the Eastern Cape.. And when you run through the list, there is no really fresh blood there. They are all the ones who supported the ANC in its corruption deals under the banner of Zuma.

We have replaced one stool-pigeon with another. One week into the new presidency Cyril was hosting a ‘farewell’ party for Zuma. Why? Why, instead, was the man not being prosecuted for his misdemeanors? Why is he being feted and engaged in conversation? Why is Shaun Abrahams, another lackey,  not being sacked and also being prosecuted. They are all tarred with the same brush.

There is little hope for this country whilst the ANC is in control. When Ramaphosa was proposed as President we should have known that he was there as the head of this corrupt party because he toed the party line. He was not going to break ranks with his fellow cohorts. Of course not. Fools we are for thinking differently.

Mandela must be turning in his grave. All he and others like Tambo fought for, has been destroyed in just a few years.

In the words of a song that goes back to the mid 1960’s I ask, “What’s it all about, Alfie?”




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