At last! Eyes of Evil has been reshaped, re-read, and had its multitude of errors attended to. It went live yesterday and by tomorrow the ebook and Kindle versions will also be available. It has been quite a mission for me as, although I have lived through a multitude of technological changes, I am still daunted by computers and the wonderful things they can do, and the wonderful screw ups I can make when trying to be au fait with it all. Trying to act nonchalant when you don’t really have a clue what you are up to can be a lesson in humility.

So there it is. The other books on the shelf at Amazon are all gong to receive the same treatment. I will no longer subject my readers to such blatantly stupid errors. They deserve better.

I envy the writers of old in some ways. They either penned their stories by hand, and got somebody to type them or else they typed right onto the typewriter. However, even that had its drawbacks. Imagine, writing or typing a whole book of a good  few thousand words to find that there was a mistake on page ten which affected the whole story. Not nice, to have to do it all again. So, may be I should say thank you for a computer which allows one to make a myriad changes with not as much effort.

Eyes of Evil, was a labour of love for me. My husband, when reading the story long after it was written said it was ‘too involved’ for him. Others though have spoken about the story keeping them up at night as they had to read to the end and that they really got to grips with the character. So, don’t hold your horses. Read the story, and once read, depending on which camp you find yourself in, there is a sequel in the making. Leonard Lanfear would not let me put him to bed finally. He wanted another round, which I gave to him with my latest rendition, which is at the moment only using a working title.

Just to whet your appetite, Lanfear goes off as he says he will, but not to Outer Mongolia. He covers his tracks very well, or so he thinks, until a man called John seems to be following his trail, and it is John who leads him into his new predicaments.

This business of writing is a strange thing for me. I love the way stories evolve in my head, but I often lack the stamina to put it all to bed and in a nice organised way. My nature is a little too slapdash – I want, once I have come to the end of a story, to just leave it there, but then think it deserves a bit more. Yet, I lack the discipline to fully do it justice.

I am hoping that this exercise I have just gone through will make it worthwhile and that I will have the courage to set the wheels in motion properly for all the others. Be with me on the journey if you will.  I don’t think it will be boring. I don’t do boring? Or do I?


About margieswrite

I am a published freelance writer, of children's stories, a memoir, travel articles, birding articles, and articles of general interest to magazines and newspapers, with an interest in photography. In addition I am able to edit and undertake writing commissions for businesses and schools who wish to promote themselves.
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