I am back! Unlike the Terminator, I am here to stay. Two new books launched this week, “The Lies They Lived” and “Eyes of Evil”. Check them out, they are both on Amazon and Kindle.

I feel quite positive about it all. This is the start of the writing career I planned about fifty years or more ago. I will promise to keep up with my blog posts. I will promise to write more regularly and to post more content.

I will be here, I will assist those struggling with their writing – sisters or people in arms. I will get serious about this all.

I will also tell everyone about the books I have been reading.

Staring with “The Bridge Club” by Joseph Coots. To be honest I ordered this by mistake thinking it was the Patricia Sands book. Well, I found that whilst it had nothing to do with the game of bridge, it had everything to do with bonding, with ‘sister’ love and being there for each other. I found the author’s style so intriguing because he seemed to take on the persona of these women whom he wrote about. Incredible how he ‘got’ what being a woman was all about, and how we need our friends through the hard times and the good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I am awaiting the Patricia Sands book, which IS about the game and the friendships forged over a bridge table. As a keen bridge player I am sure I will enjoy this too.

Mainly the other books I have been reading are on Kindle but more about them in the next blog.

So I hope you will all be back for more. And hopefully I can introduce you to some of my other work as well.

See you then!



About margieswrite

I am a published freelance writer, of children's stories, a memoir, travel articles, birding articles, and articles of general interest to magazines and newspapers, with an interest in photography. In addition I am able to edit and undertake writing commissions for businesses and schools who wish to promote themselves.
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