My very own book available on Amazon and Kindle

My very own book available on Amazon and Kindle

Hanna’s Home InformationI am so pleased to be able to announce the launch of my novel “Hanna’s Home” this week on both Amazon and Kindle.
Last year in November I joined NaNoWriMo’s exercise to write a novel in a month. meaning I would have to commit to writing at least 2000 words a day. Not such a terrible task, but as I was on holiday for part of the time, it took some discipline on my part. By the 25th of November, “Hanna’s Home” had passed the 60000 word mark and I was very chuffed with myself. The certificate awarded helped swell the already inflated ego just a little more. Then there were the promises of great prizes but the one that intrigued me the most was Createspace offering five free copies of the book in print. Well, this sounded just the sort of incentive I needed. However when I first looked at what would be required of me to obtain this dangling ‘fish’ I was a little intimidated to say the least.
Me create a pdf document, and select a cover that was the right size and format, find a suitable picture, choose a size that would suit the cover, give a short blurb, provide info about myself? It all sounded too much.
So, as is my habit, I procrastinated,. The expiry date ws June this year, so as June approached I found I needed to do something or let the chance slip by me. Out came the manuscript and I started editing, but found I had duplicate chapters and things that weren’t right. I got in a total state of confusion seeing the opportunity of finally having my book in print slowly slipping through my fingers.
So armed with a memory stick I headed down to the local printers and asked for a photocopy of my book. That cost a bit, but it was worth it, because now I could see where the problems lay. That sorted, I opened a new file and put it all together. Then the dreaded pdf file. Out came my old copies of The Writing Magazines which I read diligently, making copious notes. I was now ready to tackle the world of publishing. Strangely enough that was the easiest part of teh whole exercise.
Now the cover, and I was pleasantly surprised to find such a selection that I had no trouble finding one to suit my needs. Out came the photographs till I foudn one that lent itself to my theme. That done, the blurb was short and sassy (or so I thought) Author biography was easy too, I know myself well enough. Then dowload for review. Okay that was a bit of a mission to get it quite right. But then the tax information for royalaties stymied me. I wasn’t a UsA citizen either in the States or abroad, I did not live in the European Union and all the information required seemed to apply to them. So a ream fo emails to Createspace which they responded to promptly and efficiently. Still the thing evaded me. I put it aside for a few days thinking I had wasted my time. Then I picked it up again. Book was ready to be put up on the website if I would only complete the tax information. I tried again, and this time it worked. There it was. I could order my very own copies of “Hanna’s Home – A Novel by Margie Wilson” complete with ISBN numbers and all. Not bad for a computerphobe.
And you want to know about Hanna’s Home? My baby My Pride and Joy.
My very own book available on Amazon and Kindle

My very own book available on Amazon and Kindle

Hanna’s Home Information


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I am a published freelance writer, of children's stories, a memoir, travel articles, birding articles, and articles of general interest to magazines and newspapers, with an interest in photography. In addition I am able to edit and undertake writing commissions for businesses and schools who wish to promote themselves.
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