Woe is me

With a computer that died an ignominious death and recalcitrant builders installing a shower in one day short of a month (yes, believe that if you will!), as well as a pair of gardeners who completely changed the face of the garden I am feeling a little frayed around the edges. Luckily there are signs of a recovery which is more than can be said for economy of the world. After a month of builders in and out and the depletion of the world’s coffee reserves, we have our shower back and working and beautiful. The new computer that replaced the old one is behaving like a toddler with a tantrum, and I have lost all my easily found info from the old one hence I am having to use far more grey matter than I normally do to get going. But slowly we are winning.

On the plus side we had a wonderful day yesterday away from the hassles of home as we visited an alpaca farm close to Villiersdorp where we met the most delightful characters, particularly Salt and Pepper, Eccles, Dudley and Timothy, all alpacas of differing colours and characters but so entertaining and so curious about us too. This combined with a visit to Kelkiewijn for a delicious lunch in the good company of the Probus club made me forget the past month and have a good time. More about the alpaca farm at a later date, including pictures, when I have caught up with myself and my life.

See you soon.


About margieswrite

I am a published freelance writer, of children's stories, a memoir, travel articles, birding articles, and articles of general interest to magazines and newspapers, with an interest in photography. In addition I am able to edit and undertake writing commissions for businesses and schools who wish to promote themselves.
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One Response to Woe is me

  1. mustbewrite says:

    A very succinct and calm account of what has clearly been a frustrating time for you. Damn, is that where all the coffee went… See you soon.

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